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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  December 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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the eighth time. at the age of 73. it's the front man's first child with this 29-year-old girlfriend ballerina. she gave birth to baby boy in new york on thursday. they're both doing well. here's shep. >> it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 here in new york city. a any player has emerged at potential front runner for secretary of state. a ceo who controls one of the biggest companies on the planet, but does he have what it takes to be america's top diplomat. when you become the leader of the free world you get a couple new titles, commander in cheer and president. he will have another, executive producer. can donald trump be part-time president? working with the apprentice while running the nation. ever flown next to somebody really annoying, a talker, a toucher, a laugher, cryer, maybe a snorer or a drunk? how much worse would it be if that drunk passenger were
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yacking on a cell phone. the transportation department now suggesting it may indeed let airlines offer cell service. think that is a good idea? think about it. then tweet us, at shep news team. arrest get to it. >> first from the fox news deck, the head of one of the largest companies in the world may be the leading contendor to become in the nation's top diploma. rex tellerson is the chief executive of exxonmobil. donald trump was very impressed after their meeting. if that surprises you, you're not alone. the "wall street journal" is writing it even surprised the man himself. he has no government experience at all, and according to the online is set to refire from exxon next year. friends say he would consider taking the cabinet post out of
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patriotic duty. he owns tens of millions of dollars in exxonmobil stock, and that presents potential conflict if he takes the job. just consider russia. the "wall street journal" reports rex tellerson's friends say he is very close to the russian president, putin. a fewer years back the kremlin honored the ceo for a deal he struck with the rescues. but the deal never went through because of -- kellyanne conway is saying different backgrounds is a good thing and whoever gets the job will be on the same page as the president-elect when it comes to foreign policy. >> everybody has such a different resume and all have to have the same perspective. you have to adhere to the trump doctrine, and be willing to execute on his vision. your can't rush through such an important selection and at the same time he is welcoming in a
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number of men and women who have very diverse backgrounds. >> more on that exxon chief in a moment as well as the other candidates for secretary of state, including one who has not gone up the golden elevator in a couple of weeks now. the way the process is playing out publicly, almost gives it's reality show feel and donald trump is not shying from drumming up the drama. >> i believe we're in the process of putting together one of the great cabinets that has ever been assembled in the history of our nation. do you like it so far, everybody? >> well, there's another big reveal coming next week, when the president-elect is expected to announce his nominee for secretary of state. with that is our beginning and we have team fox coverage. david lee miller and jennifer griffin. >> reporter: a spoke to a source
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close to president-elect and here's what i'm told. former new york mayor rudy giuliani is in, quote, hot water with trump, despites being one of his most loyal supporters and allies after publicly pitching himself as the best pick. he could have had dhs and has not been seep coming in our out of trump tower in two weeks. the exxonmobil ceo's stock is rising. an appealing pick for donald trump because he has run a multimillion dollar business and has had to negotiate deals in yemen and has close ties to russian president vladimir putin. then there's governor mitt romney. a top contender but some feel the speech he gave in march outlining why trump would be dangerous as president would
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loom over his time of secretary of state and would be reported on every time he showed up in a foreign capital. that being said he could be the one he settled >> what thes like general david pa traeus. >> unfortunate, when trump settled on general john kelly for homeland security, choosing pet trayus for state would look too much like a junta. trump likes pet trayus. i'm told that bolton is being considered for the number two position for state, and along with dana rohrabacker but john bolton said he would not take number two position. >> thank you so much. the house speaker, paul ryan, meeting with the president-elect this morning at trump tower here in new york. the wisconsin republican told reporters he had a very excite can meeting with donald trump. before the get-together a spokesman says the pair plan to
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discuss their policy agenda for when donald trump takes office. the g.o.p. leadership is laying the groundwork for trump legislative priorities which the president-elect say include dismantling obamacare, securing the borders and boosting the economy. since the republicans control both the house and senate, speaker ryan will be a key flavor. david lee mill iris live outside trump tower. might be on the moon, satellites are finicky things. david lee, what are the president-elect meetings like today? >> reporter: one thing worth noting this was paul ryan's first visit to trump tower since the election took place. the speaker entered trump tower a little after 9:00 this morning. did so through a private entrance, avoiding the camera crews camped out here on fifth avenue. a spokeswoman for ryan says the subject of the meet walk the policy agenda and when it was over ryan made a brief statement to reporters but did not take
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any questions. >> very exciting meeting. enjoyed coming up here and meeting with the president-elect. had a great meeting, talking about the transition. thank you, guys. >> reporter: in another development fox learned mr. trump has selected gary cohen to head o head in the neck council, the couple was established in 1993 are in then-president bill clinton. the council advises the president on national and international economic issues. and is an extremely influential mission. >> the president-elect set to meet with carly fiorina and manchin. >> reporter: man chip is a democrat, senator from west virginia. coal cup country is and considered one of the most
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conservative in come, and is a outpoking credit rock of president obama's policy and heard his name mentioned as possibly the role of energy secretary. also on monday, mr. trump is going to come face-to-face we carly fiorina during the campaign, he criticized her, saying, look at that face, would anyone vote for that? fiorina ran briefly as ted cruz's running mate. after the election she did congratulate mr. trump on his victory. and lastly, now, also on monday, we understand that mr. trump is going to have a might with the former pennsylvania senator, rick santorum, two-time presidential candidate. santorum was an advisor to mr. trump during the campaign and it's worth noting here that during the past several weeks since the election the transition team says that mr. trump has now met with some 90 qualified individuals to serve as -- in some capacity
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when his administration begins on january 20th. more meetings scheduled again through next week. >> thank you. chris wallace has been covering presidential transitions since the 1980s and says he has never seen anything like the one. chris will spend the whole day with the president-elect tomorrow. first in trump tower and then on a plane ride of trump force one and then a football game. not just any football game. army-navy, which i'm punched -- pumped about. i'll talk to him about this. and look at this, never in the history of people on earth has the dow jones industrial average been above 19007. never happened, ever once, ever ever, and eight years ago we looked at the market going, it can never happen because in the market was down, like, 8,000. well, lo andbe hold of deand behold the trump rally continues. could 20,000 be in the future?
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>> the sub sun sun chris wall lace is interviewing mr. trump this weekend. his first sit-down interview that's set to talk with trump in new york and along his plane. this comes as an interesting time toes the president-elect picks his cabinet picks. what's the plan? >> well, yeah, i'm very excited.
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i'm flying up first thing tomorrow morning, interview mr. trump. first of all at trump tower, the serious policy interview, then he has invited to us come along and continue the interview on trump force one as we head to baltimore and he's going to taken the army-navy game. we don't know a president-elect attend thing game before so this is an unofficial debut at commander in chief and we'll be following with him at the game as he enter acts with the bras brass and the cadets and midshipmen. this is really the first interview that he has done since he has been making all these decisions about his cabinet appointments, his agenda, setting out markers for foreign policy, taking the call from the president of tie one, intervening into the decision of carrier to move to mexico, all kinds of questions that i want to ask him about. >> in the big picture what is
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the big picture area of most interest to you now? >> well, heard you on the other side of the break talking about the fact i've been covering presidential transitions since ronald reagan in 1980. i have. and this is just as different -- in fact we'll call the program "the trump way" because he is doing things defendantly than any president-elect i can remember. in a sense almost more the president than the president is. we pay more attention. he is -- when he speaks about china or what he is going to do about economic policy and saving jobs it has more traction than when president obama says things so he is not waiting until the takes the oath of office on january 20th. he is kind of the commander in chief already. >> do you have an idea what is at the top of his mind. >> no, i have not been talking to him. i talked to a lot of his top aides and sources, and clearly i think you can see it from the
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people -- i mean, one of the things i want to talk about is the fact that he is putting people at epa, labor, at hhs, education, who are diametrically opposed and in some cases have been fighting the very agencies and departments they're now about to take over. you have scott pruitt, at environmental protection agency who has been suing the epa to block regulations. don't think you can overstate how dramatic a change we'll see and for conservatives who wondered about donald trump and his conservative bona fides, and whether he meant to turn the state around and take a wrecking ball to the obama legacy, haves headed that way. >> i would want to talk to him about general flynn and casey mcfarland on national security, and what sort of message that is sending about where his head is at on that front. >> well, that's kind of one of the questions i've gotten. one thing we'll talk about.
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you heard jennifer griffin discuss earlier is all the generals. is it unusual. a general as national security adviser, retired general. a retired general as defense secretary. a retired general at department of homeland security, talking about an admiral for the director of national intelligence, and david petreis. not to sea these are old-fashioned view of generals. generals today are sophisticated scholar warriors but would be odd to have four or five retired military men in the very top positions of the cabinet. >> it would. i wonder your thoughts on the matter of -- he courted that rust belt union crowd, and had made overtures to them, and sort of some promises to them and now he appears to be in a bit of a fight with a union boss and is very much against the minimum
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wage hike or his person's in charge of the area is, and i wonder how this dance is going with working folks across the country who arguably gave him the job. >> well, look, just because you get in a fight with a union boss doesn't mean you're in fight with working people. a lot of folks say that unions are more look ought for themselves than they are for working folks. i think he got a lot of points when he intervened in the carrier dispute. you can argue whether it was 800 jobs or 1100 jobs. here what a president-elect taking direct action to save hundreds of jobs from going across border to mexico, and more importantly when hi talks about creating a favorable business climate, rolling back regulations, lower taxes, that's one of the reasons that you see the stock market taking off. this isn't just a coincidence. this is because investors believe it's going to be a much
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more favorable environment for companies to do business and that kind of an environment is one in which more people will be hired. >> this sunday, "fox news sunday," check your local listing, then later in the afternoon, you can watch it a couple of time owns the fox news channel. going to be a good one. and speaking of donald trump, there's breaking news now. they're in louisiana. ban ton roulette. go vote i it says at the bottom, only in baton rouge or new orleans. trump continuing his victory trip around the country. i think they're calling it a "the tour" and hat just begun to speak can so shut up, shep. let's listen. >> i came down on a friday night to a massive hangar, the place was absolutely thousands and thousands of people. i think 24, 25,000 people. and i left and i said, i think i'm going to win this state and i won the state easily.
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right? and then i checked on the delegates and the delegates were -- i didn't have as many as people that i beat. and i said, this system is crooked. i come down and i do all that work, i came down, i used one of the biggest hangars -- bigger, maybe this one -- butted it was a big hangar, bigger. and we have a hell of a crowd today. so what happens, i win, and then a week later i'm going over the count, and it said, louisiana, and it had names there ahead of me for delegates. so i won the state, gunshot votes than anybody by far. it wasn't even close, and the system is rigged. i said, the system -- so you taught me, and after that we started doing very well. didn't let that happen anymore. we cut it off. we cut it off at the pass.
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but i want to thank you. this is an amazing state. tomorrow we need you to go to the polls and send john kennedy to the united states senate. and that's why i'm down here. that's why i'm here. a great guy. a good guy. number one. a good person. and somebody that i've known over the years and somebody that's worked hard for you over the years. and now the big thing we have to get the people to go to the polls and if you go to the polls he's going to win. if you don't go to the polls ease not going to win, and if he doesn't win i've got myself a problem in washington because we have pretty close -- pretty close weapon need john in washington. not only for the vote. we need for leadership and everything else. but if you go there we're going to win. kennedy is a proven leader, whose balance, which is amazing, 16 budgets, returned millions of dollars to taxpayers. a tax-cutter. and he will be a true fighter
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for louisiana in washington. he will be a fight for you. so important. we need john kennedy in the senate to help enact our agenda and we have to do it. our agenda on behalf of the people. of this state. and for this country. that includes protecting the second amendment, repealing and replacing obamacare. securing our southern border. we'll build a wall. we'll build the wall. well, if john is not there maybe cant build the wall so if know you're going to come out. we'll build the wall. [chanting]
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[cheering] >> this is louisiana, we don't need coats, right? we don't need the coat. and by the way don't need the hat either, right in who wants a hat. all right. nice looking tall guy. he'll give it to that kid. come on. we're going to bring back our manufacturing jobs. reduce taxes big league. we're going to confirm our nominee to the united states supreme court. electing john kennedy will help ensure that government stops listening to the special
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interests and starts delivering for the national interests, for our country, for our people. the people that showed up to vote. the people that were forgotten people. you know what i'm talking about. forgotten -- folks, you're not forgotten anymore. believe me. i think the democrats are going to change their game plan next time. you think? the forgotten men and women are not forgotten anymore. it's time to deliver for you, the american people, to help me do that, i also need you to elect mike johnson in the fourth district. another fighter for louisiana. mike's father just passed away. just passed away. so he is in our thoughts and in our prayers. very amazing, horrible timing in a sense. just passed away. and he loves his father. i well tell you that. and his father was a great guy.
12:24 pm
so, get out there and vote for johnson. and vote for kennedy. get out and vote. working with these great louisiana leaders, we're going to do amazing things for our country. our plan begins with bold structural reform to create millions of really good paying jobs. we lost our great jobs. and there's going to be a big part because you're in the energy business. more than most places. and we're going to see refineries and going to see pipelines and we're going to see lots of things happening. so, get out there and vote. first on taxes, we're going to undertake one of the great tax reforms and simply-ifications in american history. at the center of tower plan is massive -- the center of our plan is massive tax relief for the american middle class. we're also -- guy goes all
12:25 pm
right. you better believe it. we're also going to lower the business tax rate from 35% all the way down do 15%, going to start hiring again. and we are going to make it not so easy when companies want to leave louisiana and go to other states, go to other countries, go to other states. if they do i'm sorry, you got to fight for yourself, right? but they go out, they go to other countries, they make their product, they sell it back through a very weak border. does it get any weaker than this? we fight for other countries so they can have a border. but we don't fight or our own borders. incredible. on regulations we're going to eliminate every single wasteful regulation that undermines the ability of our workers and our companies to compete.
12:26 pm
on energy, you more any other state, almost, we will cancel the job-killing restrictions on the production of american energy, including shale, oil, natural gas, and clean coal. we haven't had refineries built in decades. right? we'll have refineries built again, folks. we use refineries from other countries. the whole thing is just crazy. it's crazy. on infrastructure i'll ask congress to pass legislation that produces one trillion dollars of new investments in america's crumbling infrastructure, and that is so true april. have a friend, one of the biggest truckers in the world and he buys very expensive trucks. the most expensive, most beautiful -- so proud of it.
12:27 pm
the best. and he calls me not so long ago and goes, i travel from texas to new york, from louisiana to someplace. he said it come back and my trucks are busted up because of the roads. i said when did that happen? he said never happened. never been like this. they're all busted up. she said he's going to buy cheap trucks from now on. so we want him to buy the better trucks and fix up our infrastructure big league. who it better that stuff than me? i don't need your vote anymore but i'm very good at that. i don't need you vote. imagine that? four years i don't need your vote. but nobody is better at that. that's what i do. just made a big -- when he told me this, it said, yeah, but i asked him, when did it used to be, he said never been like this, never. new projects. we're going to do new projects for both rural communities and
12:28 pm
our inner cities. the inner cities have been forgotten also. not any longer. we'll put our people back to work in the process. our people. it's time to get help for the american people, and we are going to get people off of welfare and they're going to want to work. we'll get them into the labor market and they're going to make more money than they ever made before and we're going to rebuild our countries with american hands, by american workers. okay? my administration will follow two simple rules. buy american, and hire american. okay? because from now on, it's going to be america first. america first. our trade deficit is now nearly
12:29 pm
$800 billion a year. can you believe this? who is doing this? do you have any business people in the audience? you think you might be able to negotiate a slightly better deal than that? 800 billion. we make all these wonderful trade deals. i love trade. and i love free trade. right now we have foolish trade. we have -- okay, ready, we have stupid trade, stupid trades. stupid. dumb. it's a chronic drag on growth, and a destroyer of jobs jobs ane wallet e wallet of our country. we owed $20 trillion and going up rapidly. that's why we'll renegotiate our trade deals, stop the product dumping and the currency manipulation which is a disaster for our country. every time we get going, china, and others, they just knock the hell out of the value of their currency and we have to go back
12:30 pm
and back, and just doesn't work. and defend -- we're going to defend every last american job. they did a big report. how come trump won by so much? remember, there was no way he gets to 270, right? the electoral college, which is amazing because you have to go to all these states. an amazing experience, but no way i get to 270 and i'm saying wow. wind to the state of maine four times because i needed one, because i was at 2699. i needed one. until the election came and then, boy, did we blast by the 270, right? 306. 306. and i guess they did a recount in wisconsin, and after i think 70 or 80%, somebody -- i think we picked up 32 votes. all these millions and millions of dish think we picked up about
12:31 pm
30. and if a company wants to fire their workers, leave our country, and then ship their products back in, there will be consequences, including a very, very substantial tax. in other words, there's no tax. somebody said these reporters, these guys, they're business reporter. [booing] -- one thing we have done, we have exposed the credibility of the press. they have the lowest credibility of anybody. [cheering] and our popularity dish say our because this is a movement that we're all in this thing together. we're all in this together. but we are shooting up. we're like a rocket ship, right? maybe because i don't like 4.2 billion decide aircraft. somebody said how much is that going to cost? 4.2 billion.
12:32 pm
said 4.2 billion? i think we'll do it for a little bit less, don't you think? like maybe billions less, okay? but we're going very rapidly up. but we're going to -- because it's common sense. we don't want companies to leave our country, go to another country, and sell their product, and then sell the product where they left. now we have all unemployed people. they had jobs for 32 years. carrier is a great example. and carrier -- we did a great job with carier but they announced a year and a half ago they already have a plant built. think what you can if they haven't started. they're not going to leave because we'll put up a high tax and if they want to build their plant outside of the country, that's fine. but if the think they're going to still product back into the country and no tax, that's not go to happen, and therefore they're not going to leave. they may leave a state and go to a different state. may leave -- maybe having a hard
12:33 pm
time with their employees. that's possible. and they may leave. but they're going to leave for another state. and they're not leaving for another country very easily, and if they've do, they're going to have a very, very substantial tariff or tax to pay. that's it. you know what is going to happen? they'll say, we like louisiana very much. right? we're not leaving. all right. don't say 100% of the time but i'll tell you what, pre pretty close to that number, and we lost 70,000 factories in this country. we have so many companies -- i think probably -- if i would have said couple of months ago we have so many companies negotiating to leave -- i don't think they're negotiating so fast right now. i've heard that. and you see what is happening with the stock market, and a lot of things? because they understand we know what we're doing. not going to let this happen.
12:34 pm
we can't let it happen. our country is being drained. drained of its jobs and it's good jobs. and they're going to other countries, and just not going to happen. on the military, we will rebuild our badly depleted military. and ensure or service members have equipment and training, technology and resources, everything they need to get the job done. now, hopefully, we will never have to use that great power that we're going to build. we're going to build the strongest military that we have ever had. and there have been a few times when our country has needed it to this extent, but i believe in peace through strength. you look at some of these other countries, what they're doing and building, and you know what? when they say what we're going to do they're goal to call --
12:35 pm
i'll have great relationships witch china and russia and they're going to say you're doing a lot of building. any way we can ease it up with that? i'm okay with that but they have to eels it up, too. they're not easing it up. look at what is going on in china and so many other countries, they're not easing up and if they're not easing up, we're not easing up. okay? at the same time, we will ensure our veterans have the best medical care anywhere in the world. we will honor those who have served this country, and that includes respecting and defending the american flag. frankly, when i see people ripping up the american flag, like that flag, beautiful, when i see dish think it's a disgrace, okay? and you can say what you want, free speech, all wonderful. everything its wonderful. i'm a big believer in free
12:36 pm
speech, but maybe we'll put something in in to see if we can do something about it because this is a special case and when i see people burning the american flag, and then stepping on it, as it's bushing up, and -- burning up and then stomping on it and stepping on it on the ground, i don't think in the -- i don't think i remember that when i was growing -- is that right? how many of you are young like me. remember we win we young in i don't remember that happening. so, we're going to have to do something about that. on crime, the murder rate has experienced its largest increase in 45 years. the press doesn't tell you that. we're going to support the incredible men and women of law enforcement. and we're going to bring this terrible crime wave to an end. on immigration, we will build a great wall and we will put an end to illegal immigration and stop the drugs from pouring into our country also.
12:37 pm
we have become a drug den. during this campaign, i had a chance to meet the amazing families of the remembrance project. parents whose children were killed by illegal immigrants. a trump administration will end this long nightmare of ours, and that's what it is. a nightmare of violence. we will fight to protect every american life. during the campaign i also spent time with american workers who were laid off and forced to train foreign workers brought in to replace them. we're not going to let that happen anymore, folk. they're forced to train people. they were laid off. been at different places for 30 years, more, less, and they're forced to train, and if you don't train them we're not giving you in the sever residence. that's demeaning.
12:38 pm
not going health one police officer first executive orders will be to ask the department of labor to investigate these abuses that undermine jobs and wages to the american workers. this about our country now. this is about our country. i've studied a lot of the trade deals over the last few months. love reading this stuff. don't know. something strange up there. but we have the worst deals. looked at trade deals that were made with mexico. the worst deal made with all of mexico. so they made a lot of deals. not us, not just nafta, which is a disaster, we have the worst deal made by any country. we're by far the biggest. we blow everything away but we have the worst deal immediate by any country. and it was defective from the time it was gone because of the vat tax. complicated, doesn't matter. but it was defective. and for decades nobody changed it but a they've were too lazy or they didn't want to do it or
12:39 pm
they didn't understand it, but for years, that deal was fee defective. not going to be defective anymore. we will suspend immigration from regions where it not be safely processed or vetted. we have people coming into our country by the thousands, thousands and thousands of people, and now i don't have to campaign so i don't have to say, and hillary is going to increase it by 550%. i don't have to say it anymore. isn't it nice? isn't it nice? no, depressant have to say it anymore. but think of it. we have people coming in by the tens of thousands and, look, folks what he was enough problems, enough problems. we can't do this. we'll build safe zones and have certain areas, the gulf states,
12:40 pm
tremendous amounts of money -- thank you, darling -- i love her, too, but it get in trouble if i save that so i'm not going to say that. but we're going to have people from the gulf states, the gulf states themselves, going to pay for it. they're going to pay for it. nothing but money. they're not doing what they're supposed to be doing and they're fine. they'll pay for it. we owe $20 trillion but we want to make homes for these people because it's a tragedy. the migration. and it started -- you know why it started. we're not running for office. wasn't that nice to say, we're not running for office. i don't have to go through all the reasons the fact is it's a human tragedy and we're going to help it. that doesn't mean we'll allow people to come into our country, some of whom have evil intentions. and you see in ohio state -- i was there the other day and
12:41 pm
great people, the damage done by one person. you look at so many different places, san bernardino, and look at the world trade center. look at what happened in orlando, such evil spirit, evil intention. we halve other problems. we have to solve many, many problems. and we've spent now $6 trillion in the middle east. thing of it. 6 trillion. and yet, we got nothing. know what we have? nothing. says what do we get united states of it? nothing. what we got out of death. we got destruction. we have all this money that we -- the whole thing is crazy. with that being said we have to stop isis. we have to knock them out. i'll say, general "mad dog"
12:42 pm
mattis -- he's great. he's great. a great guy. these are a great guy, and we have another great person going to be -- a lot of. the but term what we're talk next week, somebody you'll have tremendous respect for also. a trump administration will always but the safety and security of the american people first. ethics reform will be a crucial part of our 100 day plan as well. we're going to drain the swamp of corruption. in washington, dc. drain the swamp. [chanting] >> thank you. always amazes me -- here we are on a friday and a crazy time of
12:43 pm
the day, right? how many people show up for these things. right? that's when i knew -- people asked, when did you know? i was campaigning -- we all had big crowded but that has month was unbelievable. the crowds. massive. we were taking stadiums, packing them in. and when they had to hire entertainment because i said i don't know if that mean anything but i think it does, and then we won pennsylvania and michigan and we won wisconsin, won all these different places, the beautiful thing to see. i will say. the spirit of what we have done together is incredible. and you don't see -- thank you. you don't see -- you'll see a lot of it happen. a lot of is common sense. people who voted haven't voted in 20 years, 30 years. boy, did they vote. boy, did they vote. but they -- you know, coming in here -- people have never voted
12:44 pm
in some cases, and yet they're great people and they're hard working and -- but they just never saw the person that it want to vote for and now they come down and have trump shirts and buttons and hads. so they go from never voting to being all messed up with this stuff. right? but you know what? these are amazing people and they did -- i remember -- i got a glimpse because i had that long early voting in florida, so long. and so many things could go wrong when you have that long period of time. right? that long, long, long period. used to be you have a day jurassic vote now. you're going forever, weeks and weeks. but the first day i passed when i was down in florida, i appealed a line and i said, what's happening over there? i thought it was a big movie. they said, no, sir, that's voting. they're voting, and they're voting like really early. and we have to discuss that early thing. that's sort of -- so many things are going on. so many things.
12:45 pm
wonder what happens during the evening when those places are locked, right? but the democrats who are the people who say, donald trump is criticizing the foundations of cower country. are -- our country. give me a break. give me a break, president obama, who by the way i've gotten along with so well -- no, no, no, he's really doing great. he has been so nice. but eight years ago, eight years ago, he talked about -- chicago, what goes on. okay? they don't talk about it anymore. and believe me, only gotten worse, folks. so it's very -- we got to talk about it. but i'm going to impost a five-year ban on executive branch officials becoming lobbyists and a lifetime ban on officials becoming lobbyists for a foreign government. and i thought when i got involved in this boeing
12:46 pm
situation -- i have great respect for boeing, tremendous respect. but i said to myself, you know, the people that spend all this money -- when you're talking about three and four billion dollars for an airplane. which is -- who knows. but when you're talking about the kind of money i said, who gives the eggs these -- these orders out? procurement people. some these people then go to work for these companies '. i think -- i have to check this out. they're not going like know say this but i think i'm going item pose a ban that anybody that gives out masssive military contracts so never be-didon't mean five years or ten years -- should never bev allow today work for those companies that make the equipment. they have given united states -- there's f-35 bomber which is -- fighter that is totally, totally like uncontrol uncontrollably overbudget and the people who have to approve the big change
12:47 pm
orders and the extras, as wi say in real estate business. blown you're good you don't build with extras but these massive numbers that are foul balled and triped. anybody who gived us these big contracts should never, ever be allowed to work for a defense company, for a company that makes that product. i don't know. makes sense to me. because i'm sure it's never happened. i'm sure it's never, ever happened in the history of country but i can see somebody approve a deal they shouldn't approve and then getting maybe prior to that approval, this guy is a great businessman. they say, absolutely. 100%. they're saying, listen, we'd love you to work for the company. by the way, let's finish this order. we want you to work for the company. how about next year, next month and then all of a sudden you get stuck with a horrible contract and these people go off, even if it's two years or five years, i
12:48 pm
don't think they should ever bev allowed to work for these companies, and they take the job and know that, it's fair. but i'll bet you would see a big, big difference because the purchasing in this country is totally out of control, for everything. not only everything. i had that idea yesterday. you get ideas when you're in business but you gettys idea-do you get ideas as you go along. never saw numbers like this, the macesive numbers of overruns, cost overruns, it bears no relationship to the original contract. so i think we'll have to -- i think that it might be a lot more than important than what we are talking with the lobbyists. does that make sense? we face many challenges. but this is truly an exciting time to be alive, the script is not yet written. we do not know what they page will read tomorrow except for the very young people, right? they're going to be happy.
12:49 pm
you're going to be very, very happy, the young ones. we're going to make sure -- i think if we had a different result they wouldn't have been so happy but for the first time in a long time what with do know is that the pages will be authored by you, by all of us. the american people will be in charge. your voice, your desires, hopes and aspirations will never again fall on deaf ears, and they were on deaf ears. you'll be the captains of your destiny once more. together we will race incomes and your incomes are going to go up, your incomes are going to go up. we haves there is phony unemployment flub but you look around for a job, you can't find it. you quit and go home to your provide wore husband or parents, and they consider you statistically employed are employed, and then they say we're down to five percent and 4.9.
12:50 pm
nonsense. but we want incomes to go up and we want to create millions and millions of new jobs and that's what we're going to do, and we can't lose our companies. can't lose our companies. ifing we going to do that. we will lower taxes, unleash american energy, and bring thousands of new companies to our shores. we will re-establish the rule of law and appoint justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of our country. and by the way, used to -- the never-trumpers, remember, they're on a respirator right now. they're gasping. they're gasping for air. and many of them have been great. they've come over and they've been great. i early own when eh we had the never trump. we philadelphia over vote for trump. some of those people are now saying, i'd only vote for trump. i love this guy. it's crazy. but they didn't know me.
12:51 pm
they didn't know me. but i used to say, if for no other reason, if -- like this character in utah, right? who the hell was he? what happened to him. he was going to win utah. a conservative. he said, he is a conservative. and he is going to win utah. i said, so what, he wins united. it married mattered a lot and i lost so that means hill rye would have got ton appoint justices to the united states supreme court. not only did he not win utah, won utah in a massive landslide, even though the press was saying we're tied. he name third place. hillary beat him. -- >> there you go, donald trump in a familiar kind of rally, thosing thosing this is actually a rally for people running for eplex in louisiana. they have -- go to the poles tomorrow. -- poles tomorrow. at the bottom it says go vote, but as is so happened every time donald trump takes a stage or
12:52 pm
finds a microphone he makes news, and the news today is donald trump has proclaimed that people who grant contracts shouldn't be allowed to go to work for those suppliers of contractors. in other words, you can kill that now. the sound is killing me -- -- i-a lifetime ban for working for defense procurement companies if you are one who provides the contract for a defense procurer. brand new. brand new idea. dan henninger is here, the deputy editorial wage director. he said does that make sense? maybe it does but can you do that? >> well, i don't know you can do it by just wafering his -- waiving are -- waving his hand. your have the defense industry, huge operation, and he wants to make america greater, talking about restoring the military, and to create more bureaucratic roadblocks in the way of doing that could work at cross purposes at what is a pretty good dole, restoring the
12:53 pm
military. >> here's the other one. he says now he want to try to do something about people ripping up the flags. this is settled law. he is not going to be king. therefore he cannot make it so. the supreme court has spoken on this matter. it's settled law. it's protected speech. i hate it. i don't ever want to see anybod dot. i might beat the legal out of them, while -- beat the hell out of white defend thing require to do that. wife does he keep doing that? >> well, because he knows that his audience likes the first part of what you said. >> i like it, too. >> they've hate it. >> i don't think you should do it but jesus christ -- >> it's plate cal recall -- political rally. >> but people get worked and this idea of freedom of speech, our first respondsers, law enforcement officers come out there and protect your right to burn that flag, and if he keeps saying stuff like that's, we're going to see a lot more flag
12:54 pm
burning. this isn't a new issue. this comes up every four or five years. >> michael morris talking about disrupting the inauguration, burning flags, they'll all have a flag to burn and make the police try to arrest them. but donald trump -- just today, this long speech, preview of the way he is going to do politics. he's going to be out in the country responsibilitily, doing these sorts of rallies. >> you don't think he'll get board with it? >> a good question. for instance the democrats are going to oppose senator jeff sessions as attorney general. big-time. >> biggy. >> i think he'll go into the states of the democratic senators up for reickes, like joe man shin, and -- manchin and do these recall ands and show he people in the tate are on the side of his nominee. hayes going to do a lot of it. good questions whether it will
12:55 pm
get boring. >> at some point every president has to do something he doesn't want to do. he knows his base isn't going to like and the people start gnawing at him, as people do to presidents -- love you today, hate you tomorrow, then how is he going 0 do be? donald trump is making a lot of promises to people. he's going to build the wall. companies north going to be able to leave the united states. he's going to have to deliver on all that. he made a really high hurdle for himself and if he begins to falter, some of that support out there is saying, you promised all of this to us. where are the goods? >> or you can do one thing, and say another. it is barack obama who said i've never been that great of cheerleader, showing emotion. my hes nor height enough, my lows are not low enough. he admitted to this. the thing about which a lot of conservatives done on which hey have pound pointed. donald trump could do, a, go out
12:56 pm
and say b., convince everybody b. is happening and everybody is all happy but what they just wanted to happen didn't happen. for instance, the carrier deal, because more jobs went to mexico than stayed. they gave away a lot of tax money in exchanges for it. and he did something that barack obama did with the at to -- auto industry which made the right furious and that was put your finger on the players of the economy. the "wall street journal" came out and said that carrier deal was the wrong deal. >> something like the carrier deal, very politically popular when president does that, surf as when jfk hammered u.s. steel. but the carrier workers are happy -- >> 700 something of them are. the other ones not. >> all the other companies in indiana that have workers not getting the same tax break and what if their companies become under pressure. they go to turn to donald trump and say you did it for carrier, not for us? >> dan henninger, great city
12:57 pm
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>> we got donald trump still peek to a vowed in louisiana and on the right of the screen they call this a melt-up. 142 points added on to the dow average today. a record. by the way, and it is inches so close to dow 20,000, about as i say here, 243 points away. the rate we're going you can do that in a day. now, a lot of that, of course, buoyed by donald trump and what is planning to do and growing optimism whatever he does will be good for the economy and you have to


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